Here’s What Every American Educator Should Know, Rocketship Education Edition

Preston Smith has been a teacher in the San Jose area for three years, starting in August of 2001. After three-and-a-half years in an entry-level teaching capacity, Smith went on to found L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School, alongside parents, teachers, board members, and administrators he hand-picked just months before its inception. This experience, especially Preston’s ten years with Rocketship Education, has thoroughly taught him countless lessons about educational theory, planning, application, and everything in between.

Fortunately for every educator in English-speaking North America, Mr. Smith recently published an article in which he outlined ten things that were most important from his experience with the nexus of kindergarten through 5th grade public charter schools. Here are a select few of the most important.

Children with developmental, learning, and social disabilities should be included in regular activities for most of their time at school. Typically, schools strive to place students in special education classrooms for more than half of their time at school, although this hinders their abilities in several areas. However, Rocketship Education requires its disabled students and those with special needs to spend at least three-fourths of their school days in general education capacities, or those with fellow peers that aren’t disabled. This model is unique to Rocketship Education, called the meaningful inclusion model.

School systems should first test their plans at select locations, then make an administrative decision as to whether all schools should be subject to such changes. If all schools tested don’t respond well to such changes, the changes shouldn’t be rolled out in full. Rocketship Education experienced this with their flex model, in which classrooms’ responsibilities were delegated to three teachers and one oversight administrator. Although the flex model worked in a few schools, it didn’t work in 100% of them, urging Preston Smith and his administrators to roll back the flex model.

Teachers need to visit their students’ homes once annually. This helps them develop their learning plans more effectively, as a large part of Rocketship Education’s success is through its personalized learning platforms. Seeing firsthand where a child lives is a great way to fortify customized education endeavors.


James Dondero: The Founder of Highland Capital Management with Philanthropy in Heart

James Dondero, the co-founder cum CEO of Highland Capital Management, is also known for his philanthropic efforts and community support services. The visionary leader has initiated a number of philanthropic efforts and brought Highland Capital into it. Some of them include a $1 million grant challenge for The Family Place to achieve its capital campaign of $16.5 million, $1 million donations for Dallas Zoo to construct Hippo hut, $2 million contributions towards Southern Methodist University for Tower scholarship programs, and more. Dondero is also active in promoting various campaigns that change the social structure of the community. He is the main driving force of Education is Freedom – a non-profit group working to encourage the youth to complete a college degree by offering financial assistance.

Dondero is considered as one of the most successful financial executives in the equity and credit industry with over 30 years of experience. Since he founded Highland Capital in 1993, it displayed tremendous growth under his leadership, and currently, it holds assets over $15 billion. Dondero is credited with designing a number of credit products considering the needs of the market and customers; he is one of the original designers of Collateralized Loan Obligation or CLO. Under his leadership, the firm provides many award-winning product solutions for institutions and retail investors. Apart from leading Highland Capital, Dondero also takes charge of a Portfolio Manager at the company. Interestingly, many of his products have drawn industry awards including Lipper Award, Morningstar’s Global Allocation Award, and more.

James Dondero started his career with American Express in the year 1985. Initially, he was hired as a Corporate Bond Analysis and later, promoted to Portfolio Manager that included handling of $1 billion fixed-income funds. In 1989, Dondero joined GIV – a subsidiary of Protective Life – as its Chief Investment Officer. He is the Chairman of a number of investment and healthcare firms including CCS Medical, NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexPoint. Dondero earned his graduation from the McIntire School of Commerce – University of Virginia. He also secured industrial certifications such as CFA and CMA. James expresses his views through various newspapers, including Huffington Post and more.

Don Ressler Helped Create More Innovations in Fashion

Fashion, function and convenience are just a few of the things Don Ressler stands for. He tries to always make sure Fabletics is going to reach all of these things in every situation. Since he knows what he wants to do, he can help other people out with the issues they have with their own clothing opportunities. It is part of what has made Don Ressler the best choice for the CEO of the company. He knows what he is going to do and how to make the right changes to the industry in every situation he is a part of.


As things have changed for Don Ressler, Fabletics has continued to grow. The company is now one of the top fashion and clothing companies in the country. Don Ressler knows this, and he knows the majority of this is what has made things better for him. He has trusted in all of the opportunities and has made the right choices along the way. Since Fabletics first started, Don Ressler knew he was going to be able to make things work for other people. He also knew the right way to offer different things to his clients.


The convenience is one of the biggest innovations that has come in the fashion industry. There is no other company that offers the fashion and function Fabletics does with the convenience factor included with it. Don Ressler wanted to ensure people would feel comfortable with the clothing he had to offer them so he made the choice to give them just that. It helped him make things right for the company while he was working in different situations. It also gave him the motivation he needed to continue making things right for the company.


All while Don Ressler was making things better for Fabletics, he was also giving people the chance they needed to show others the best possible positions they could be in. He has always wanted to make things right for his clients and that is what Fabletics has shown people. There are many different options people have when they are in these situations. Everything Don Ressler does is related to the way things continue to work. He tries his best to make the right choices for his clients. There have been so many different opportunities Don Ressler has created for his customers that all allow him the chance to make things ea sier on themselves.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Build Brand Awareness

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are making headlines in some of the most high-profile magazines. This duo of online retail clothing royalty has been featured in Forbes Magazine and the Business Insider. People are interested in hearing their secrets to success, but Don and Adam have been pretty straightforward. They do not feel that they are harboring any type of secrets because they have clearly stated that they this plays a very important part in what they are doing.


A lot of people may assume that the type of work that is done these days has more to do with marketing on the front end, but Don and Adam know better. They have been marketing to consumers for over a decade. They realize that there is a great marketing campaign needed up front. This is why they have partnered with Kate Hudson who is also a co-founder of Fabletics to get the ball rolling on the front end. She is definitely someone that has the ability to bring customers in.


The reality, however, is that it does not all stem from front end marketing when it comes to long-term profitability. What Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg know better than many people is that there is a need to collect data from customers on the back end. This is important because it channels what customers actually want. In the beginning entrepreneurs are simply trying to forecast what customers may be interested in. This is how they are functioning when they are trying to market to customers. On the back end it is all about collecting data. Once the data is collected it becomes much easier to cater to what customers are actually looking for a based on their preferences.


When Don is able to market to customers based on their preferences there is a much better chance of closing in on the cell. He has recognized this, and this is the thing that has made him so successful with long-term customer loyalty. When people are getting acquainted with a company that offers more of what they are looking for they are going to be much more likely to stay with this company.


This is how Don Ressler has managed to improve JustFab in recent years. He has taken data metrics that he has received through the website and actually utilized this data to give customers a much greater shopping experience online.

How Michel Terpins became a rallying champion in Brazil.

When it comes to Brazilian rallying one of the most successful drivers is none other than Michel Terpins. For a man who from a very tender age had his eyes set on becoming a sporting success, the bar had already been set high enough by his father Jack Terpins a former basketball player who played for Hebraica club and helped them achieve alot of success. His father or Jacko as he was popularly referred too since his early days was always very supportive of his son’s ambitions and had worked to ensure that he got all the assistance and facilitation he needed.

He began his career early and by 2002 he was able to break into the cross country championship here he was a motorcycle rider who competed with the best of the best in the country. This were rider some of who had years and years of experience over him.He would go on to ride his bike to the top of the championship where he became known as one of the best riders that ever took part in the sport. He was the Cross Country Rally Championship champion and by the time he left he had a leadership position in the championship. He transitioned from riding to motorsport racing he had identified the T1 prototype category that his brother Rodrigo Terpins was already participating and excelling in as his next step in the sporting world.After joining his brother they were able to form a team the Bull Sertões Rally Team.This team would become synonymous with winning championships across Brazil and as it expanded it achieved more and more success.

In the twenty-fourth edition of the Sertões Rally Michel Terpins together with his new teammate and partner Maykel Justo took part.They were piloting the T-Rex a vehicle that had been developed by MEM for them after various improvements from the previous versions. Through the 2600 kilometer race, they were able to work together and achieve the fifth position this was done by completing all the 7 stages within the expected time as well as being winners of the second stage.

Michel Terpins continues to take part in other championships as well as train for every new edition of the Sertões Rally.

Nick Vertucci, Resuscitating Careers through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Sometimes venturing into the financial-based careers could be a little difficult in regards to not knowing where to begin with, what system to trust, or even what system would appropriately work for you. In the real estate sector, Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy got you covered. The institution has the reputation of equipping one with all the necessities and solutions to the major market challenges in the real estate investments.


Nick Vertucci created this system specifically to help others succeed using the same concept. With a group of other people, he is now able to help his new trainees to make a fortune out of the real estate sector. In this renowned institution, rather than just short-term fantasies, long-term solutions in financial freedom are created to give its clients their desired dreams.


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy natures individuals straight from their feeble start and moves them towards the direction of great achievements. Nick has the ultimate support of numerous good-will individuals who include private leaders and community investors who play a significant role in providing funds for the academy’s stability. This is an affirmation of assured quality output to the students.



Nick believes that no matter where an individual has been before, it barely influences their destiny. It all lies in the present decisions. He was brought up in an ordinary family but later was faced with challenges at age 10 when his father passed on. Vertucci later started a computer selling business which was his personal business that unfortunately crushed in 2000 because he did not plan for the future.



After his first business failure, it took up to 18 months for Nick to get over the loss. Already having a family of three daughters and a wife, Nick Vertuhad a hard time coming back to his feet. Lucky enough, he was privileged to attend a real estate based seminar, courtesy of his friend, an event that marked a major turn in his life. He kept on learning new ideas and getting absorbed in the system. He was eventually inspired to come up with his own system.


Nick’s system proved to be straightforward and more effortless, helping him to make more money in the real estate industry. With commitment and hard work, Nick Vertucci became a self-made millionaire and vowed to help other individuals prosper using his system. He later adds that he discovered the fact that most people have the will and drive to work but all they lack is skills needed in the market.

The Traveling Vineyard: Looking for Wine Guides

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company that focuses on wine tasting events. The company was conceptualized in 2001, and after the first wine tasting was successfully held on private property, the company experienced steady growth. Today, the Traveling Vineyard is inviting everyone who has a passion for wine tasting to become a part of their business. They are also encouraging people who wanted to do part-time jobs at home to become one of their wine guides, who would work together with the wine tasters and the hosts to launch some successful wine tasting events. The Traveling Vineyard encourages people to do home-based jobs. For those who are interested in working for the Traveling Vineyard, all they have to do is to visit the company’s website. The site will explain everything that they have to learn in becoming a wine guide.

For newcomers, all they have to do is to visit the Traveling Vineyard’s website and select the option to become a wine guide. The site will display information as to how advantageous it will be for someone if they will become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard. It also presents the benefits and the career path that one could take if he or she decided to become a part of the company. If someone decided that they would like to work for the Traveling Vineyard, they would have to fill out a contract found on the website and send it directly to company. One of their helpful wine guides would contact any newcomers within 48 hours, and then a starter kit will be provided. This starter kit comes in different sizes, with varying prices. The dedicated team back at the World HQ would also provide support for first timers, to help them succeed in their chosen career.

Wine guides would usually work with the host and the wine tasters during wine tasting events. They are responsible for writing down any information that they received during the event, as well as the orders coming from the guests. They would have to log it into the system after the event, and the World HQ would do the rest.

There are so many testimonials stating how being a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard has changed their lives. The company gives decent earnings to wine guides, and because of word of mouth and positive feedbacks, more and more people are becoming interested in their business model who is applying for the position of being a wine guide. The Traveling Vineyard stated that they are delighted with all the positive reviews that they are getting from their happy wine guides, and promises that the company will keep on doing the best that it can to deliver the core needs of all the employees working for them.

Traveling Vineyard info:

Don Ressier Discusses Online Business

Don Ressier, a businessman who is one half of the team that developed Fabletics, has recently participated in an interview where he discussed the development of online businesses. Ressier is well known for his involvement in Intermix, the technology design company where he met his current business partner, Adam Goldberg. Many people are, however, unaware of the fact that Don Ressier began his career by developing an online business and causing it to become so profitable that he was able to sell it to Intermix for a small fortune. During his recent interview with a business insider magazine, Ressier discussed the development of this business, including the business’ pitfalls, failures, and achievements.


Don Ressier began his career by developing an online platform and informative website called Fitness Heaven. Ressier believed that there was a lack in the fitness and sporting goods industry that he could fill through the development of this platform. By launching the Fitness Heaven platform, he hoped to engage new website visitors by helping them to communicate with each other about their fitness goals, strengths, weaknesses, and hopes for the future. Fitness Heaven turned out to be a huge success and it attracted thousands of unique visitors every day. The site was soon awarded for fastest growing startup of the year.


During the interview, Ressier described the development, launch, and building of new startups and websites is one of his favorite tasks to tackle. After Fitness Heaven became extremely popular in several countries and was already generating a large income, Ressier decided to sell the startup to Intermix to increase the time he had to work on another startup. Don Ressier decided to create a career out of his favorite past time and help startups get off the ground before they were sold to other companies.


While he was preparing to launch another online business, Ressier developed the idea for Fabletics fitness wear. The idea was developed, in part, because of the experiences Ressier had had during his development of Fitness Heaven. The businessman realized that there was, in the fitness community, an unmet desire to purchase clothing that could be worn during fitness training and during day to day activities. Following the inception of this idea, Ressier partnered with his coworker, Adam Goldberg, to develop the company that has now amassed more success than any of Ressier’s other startup company’s. To date, Fabletics is Ressier’s most prominent development.

The Life and Career of Jennifer Walden

For the last eight years that Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a practicing plastic surgeon, she has had the sense of fulfillment. While growing up, Jennifer Walden was always interested in helping other people. Dr. Walden is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She has specifically majored in Cosmetic surgery. She founded the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center that is based in Austin Texas and has a subsidiary office in Marble Falls, Texas. Her career began at the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital. Her greatest mentor then was none other than Dr. Sherrell Aston.

Dr. Walden was born and raised in Austin Texas by a surgical mother and a dentist father. She attended Anderson High school before obtaining her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. Dr. Walden would later apply for her medical doctorate at the University of Texas Medical Branch and graduate as a salutatorian. For the better part of her career, Jennifer Walden has been located in New York City. She was indeed one of the participants on the trail that resulted to the reintroduction of silicone breast implant. She, however, relocated to Austin since she wanted her twins to grow up near her family.

One of the goals that Jennifer Walden has is helping women improve their lives and their esteem. This explains why she chose to specialize in cosmetic surgery. The bigger percentage of individuals who need cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and face lips are women. Dr. Jennifer Walden understands this critically. She says that most of the patients do not need to have surgeries so that they can obtain the Barbie-doll shape as most men tend to think. They instead want the operations because some parts of their bodies bring humiliation, or some parts of their bodies have drastically changed especially after having babies.


Nick Vertucci Overcomes Low Points in Life to Find Success in Real Estate

Nick Vertucci’s life had hit an all time low when he found himself living alone in his van at the age of eighteen. His life has been characterized by adversity, struggle, and hardship all of which he’s overcome to reach a better place which includes a happy family and a powerhouse career in real estate investing. Because he’s overcome serious obstacles in life, he’s eager to share with others how they can improve their lives with success in real estate investing too. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is how he gives back to others with a proven, straightforward system that he’s developed.

One life changing hardship that was imposed on him was the untimely loss of his father when he was only ten years old. This traumatic event changed his life dramatically as his mother was forced to work long hours to support Vertucci and his siblings. He well remembers evenings when he couldn’t see his mother because she was at work.

Despite this difficult beginning to his life Nick Vertucci persevered and started a business selling computer parts. The business was successful and during this time he married and started a family. He had a wife and three daughters that he was responsible for which made his company even more important.

Events overtook him again when his business failed in the fallout of the dot com bubble which burst in 2000. Many companies failed as a result of this watershed event and Nick Vertucci was forced to pick himself up and start over. He lost nearly everything during this time, except his home, which was possibly a portent of things to come.

The event that changed Vertucci’s life was when a friend convinced him to attend a three-day seminar on how to invest in real estate. He reluctantly went along and found himself absolutely fascinated by real estate and its potential. He had found his life’s calling and pursued it with passion and energy.

Nick Vertucci spent the next decade learning all about real estate investing with its many facets. Over time he developed a straightforward system that codified all his knowledge and provided a foundation that anyone could learn. This is his way of paying it forward and helping others achieve financial success too.

The live workshops of the Academy tour the country and hit many major cities, so everyone has a chance to attend. They cover a wide range of investing strategies from flipping properties to finding good rental locations for income generation.