Fabletics: Changing the Way Internet Shopping is Done

When trying to decide their best option, consumers often look at a number of factors. What fits their budget? What suits their particular needs the best? However, one metric rises above the rest: ratings. For online shopping, an emphasis on ratings makes sense. When shopping in store, consumers see the product themselves, and in cases of clothing, try them on. On the other hand, online shopping is more of a unknown.


At least, it was as unknown. With the review model becoming so popular, the convenience of online shopping is no longer hampered by mystery. On popular sites, reviews sometimes reach the thousands. Rather than being forced to trust the creator of the product, consumers instead see the input and opinions of those who actually bought the product. In fact, many have begun to trust online reviews just as much as word of mouth from trusted friends. A survey conducted by BrightLocal found that an astounding 91% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews, while 50% read on a regular basis. Clearly, access to online reviews has created a paradigm shift within online shopping.


Some businesses avoid emphasizing rating systems, perhaps in order to discourage products from being ignored on the basis of bad reviews. However, other companies have instead embraced crowd feedback in order to help provide more quality service to their customers. After all, who is better at assessing the quality of a product? One person at a company, or the cumulative opinions of thousands? The consumers know the answer to this question, and at this point, businesses that understand that are experiencing the most success. Fabletics, a clothing company founded in 2013, has jumped into the power of the crowd, and by doing so, has experienced increasing success every year since its creation. Fabletics heavily weighs user reviews and factors them into their lifestyle quiz, which helps consumers find appropriate clothing based on several lifestyle factors.


Much of Fabletics’ success is attributed to Kate Hudson, who sponsors the online shopping site. While many are quick to roll their eyes at celebrity sponsorships, Hudson’s support of Fabletics is genuine and real. According to those inside Fabletics, Hudson plays a significant role in the business end. Apparently, Hudson keeps track of sales numbers and budgets and assures that the fashion options available on the site keep up with current trends.


Hudson is also willing to throw herself in front of the fire. When Fabletics first began, it was targeted and criticized by some who didn’t believe in the website’s model. Some of these concerns may have been rooted in reality, but Hudson was not afraid to meet the problems head on. Many companies and individuals wilt at the first sign of pressure, which is the main reason that so many businesses end within the first few years. Instead, Hudson and the rest of Fabletics stood strong and took necessary steps to improve the business. She emphasized communication and fixed previous issues with inventory and customer service. After doing so, Fabletics started a pattern of growing that has not yet stopped.


Now, Fabletics enjoys success and happily provides service to 1.2 million members. If you are in need of fashionable, fitting clothing, then take a look. Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz does a great job of determining the consumer’s needs and helping them find the perfect fit. The selection is second-to-none, and the huge number of users means that well-reviewed products are trusted and well-worth the money.

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