Be Part of Your Child’s Classroom with ClassDojo

Most every parent wants to know what is going on in their child’s classroom and at school in general. Every teacher wants to be able to communicate with parents easily and timely. But, that is hard to do when you are a working parent and cannot be there for parent/teacher meetings or special events. Those types of issues helped spark the creation of an impressive app called ClassDojo. Imagine pulling up an app on your smartphone and to see a picture of the excitement on your child’s face the moment they solve their first multiplication problem or watch a video of them playing through their first song in band. You did not just get a note sent home from school about the accomplishment – you witnessed it!

ClassDojo creates a positive culture and will connect you and your student with his or her teachers to bring learning to life and create enthusiasm in the classroom. Along with the “in-class” perception that the app can give to parents, it also gives the teachers a platform to encourage students on an individual basis. For the student, it gives them a voice of their own where they can post pictures and videos to their individual profiles. It simply creates a sense of community within the school and classrooms. No more are the days of “How did your day go?”. Parents will not have to wonder. They can see for themselves and have extraordinary communication with teachers to enhance learning for their child and create a fun and positive environment at the same time.

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