How James Dondero Came To Rule The World Of Dallas Finance

If there’s anyone who understands the world of finance better than James Dondero, they haven’t made themselves known yet. The head of Highland Capital has made a name for himself as the go to man for anyone in the world of Dallas investment. Under his management Highland Capital has made itself an international corporation even as it continues to do everything it can to support Dallas. Specifically, Dondero has adopted a model in which he looks out for the people of his city while also expanding his business into other areas. So far, the model seems to be a recipe for success.

Highland Capital essentially serves as an investment bank for institutional and retail investors. It has focused on giving those in these two sectors the ability to give the Dallas area growth and development when it needed it the most. Their approach appears to have generated considerable success as Dallas is now one of the most attractive cities for professional relocation. They have expanded their operations into areas outside of Dallas and even outside of the United States. Highland Capital now works in Hong Kong and other areas where it generates more revenue than it could simply sticking to local clientele.

James Dondero is a man who understands the important of business, but he is also heavily involved in philanthropy as well. Under his guidance Highland Capital has helped schools and other institutions throughout Dallas find the funding they need. He has created programs to improve home ownership among locals in Dallas as well. The reason he does this isn’t because he simply enjoys giving back. He understands the need to give back to his community because Dallas is what made Highland Capital possible. Doing everything to help out Dallas is exactly what James Dondero is about and this is just one part.

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