Lime Crime Makeup: It Goes Beyond Tart And Sassy

Makeup should be flattering and fun, right?


Most of the time, unfortunately, we wear makeup like a shield or get stuck in a routine. A little mascara here, a little brown eye shadow there, a light lipstick, and we’re out the door.


Shouldn’t makeup be fantastical? In other words, shouldn’t our cosmetics enhance our beauty in a special, personal way?


Lime Crime makeup believes so. Maybe that’s why the brand has quickly become one of the powerful online leaders of e-commerce. The eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes and new hair colors are dreamy, sexy and vividly striking.


Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the company, and she established her cosmetics line in 2008. She badly wanted to bring something new to the vanity table. There was definitely a lot of makeup available, but there were few items that defined color, spirit and uniqueness. So Doe Deere jumped in, made her own colors and glittery accents and never looked back.


Today, Lime Crime is super popular across social media. The brand’s Instagram page alone counts more than 3.1 million followers. There’s a global fan base, and young women and men have fallen hard for the radically crazy color palettes, iridescence, sparkle and modern approach to cosmetics.


The lipsticks are like no other kind on the planet, and the Metallic Velvetines are so pretty in colors so unexpected. For example, Mermaid’s Grotto is a gorgeous blue shade described by the brand as being “a sheer robin’s egg with a gold sheen.”


The Velvetines are famous for going on like silk and ending up as a “luxurious liquid metal finish.” These formulas are long-lasting, never dry out the lips, and as Doe Deere likes to say, these lipsticks look “cool AF.”


Unicorn hair dye is another new product in Lime Crime’s colorful line-up. The dyes are gentle, last a long time and can create the perfect head-turning mane in new shades like Tweet (chick yellow), Mint Ice (frosted mint) and Cloud (periwinkle blue).


Your makeup doesn’t have to be boring, at least, not anymore.  shop more at their sister company dollskill.

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