Fabletics: Changing the Way Internet Shopping is Done

When trying to decide their best option, consumers often look at a number of factors. What fits their budget? What suits their particular needs the best? However, one metric rises above the rest: ratings. For online shopping, an emphasis on ratings makes sense. When shopping in store, consumers see the product themselves, and in cases of clothing, try them on. On the other hand, online shopping is more of a unknown.


At least, it was as unknown. With the review model becoming so popular, the convenience of online shopping is no longer hampered by mystery. On popular sites, reviews sometimes reach the thousands. Rather than being forced to trust the creator of the product, consumers instead see the input and opinions of those who actually bought the product. In fact, many have begun to trust online reviews just as much as word of mouth from trusted friends. A survey conducted by BrightLocal found that an astounding 91% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews, while 50% read on a regular basis. Clearly, access to online reviews has created a paradigm shift within online shopping.


Some businesses avoid emphasizing rating systems, perhaps in order to discourage products from being ignored on the basis of bad reviews. However, other companies have instead embraced crowd feedback in order to help provide more quality service to their customers. After all, who is better at assessing the quality of a product? One person at a company, or the cumulative opinions of thousands? The consumers know the answer to this question, and at this point, businesses that understand that are experiencing the most success. Fabletics, a clothing company founded in 2013, has jumped into the power of the crowd, and by doing so, has experienced increasing success every year since its creation. Fabletics heavily weighs user reviews and factors them into their lifestyle quiz, which helps consumers find appropriate clothing based on several lifestyle factors.


Much of Fabletics’ success is attributed to Kate Hudson, who sponsors the online shopping site. While many are quick to roll their eyes at celebrity sponsorships, Hudson’s support of Fabletics is genuine and real. According to those inside Fabletics, Hudson plays a significant role in the business end. Apparently, Hudson keeps track of sales numbers and budgets and assures that the fashion options available on the site keep up with current trends.


Hudson is also willing to throw herself in front of the fire. When Fabletics first began, it was targeted and criticized by some who didn’t believe in the website’s model. Some of these concerns may have been rooted in reality, but Hudson was not afraid to meet the problems head on. Many companies and individuals wilt at the first sign of pressure, which is the main reason that so many businesses end within the first few years. Instead, Hudson and the rest of Fabletics stood strong and took necessary steps to improve the business. She emphasized communication and fixed previous issues with inventory and customer service. After doing so, Fabletics started a pattern of growing that has not yet stopped.


Now, Fabletics enjoys success and happily provides service to 1.2 million members. If you are in need of fashionable, fitting clothing, then take a look. Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz does a great job of determining the consumer’s needs and helping them find the perfect fit. The selection is second-to-none, and the huge number of users means that well-reviewed products are trusted and well-worth the money.

Life Line Screening Creates Revolution in Preventive Health Care Services

Life Line Screening, a leading healthcare screening service firm based in Austin, creates a revolution in the U.S. with its preventive health care services. It offers comprehensive screening services and innovative wellness programs. The testing services offered by the service provider analyzes multiple health conditions and look for traces of carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, stroke, and more. An early detection of these traces helps people to prevent the risks at the initial stages and offer a healthy and peaceful life. Importantly, the services provided by Life Line Screening are quick, safe, painless, and non-invasive.

The screenings are performed by highly trained technologists using most-modern ultrasound screening equipment to ensure accurate results. There are three types of screenings offered by the service provider, and that are ultrasound screenings, finger stick blood screenings, and limited electrocardiograph. The ultrasound screening uses sound waves to pass it through the body parts, and the returning echo is captured to analyze various health conditions under ophthalmology, cardiology, and obstetrics. The finger-stick blood screening is conducted for finding traces of diabetes and heart disease. The limited electrocardiograph is an excellent screening option to find any irregular heartbeat that can lead to increased risk of stroke.

All the screening services offered by Life Line are affordable with no advance preparation needed. To make screening more comprehensive and addressing various healthcare needs of people, Life Line provides a number of screening packages from complete wellness to specific disease packages. It should be noted that each screening is reviewed by a board certified physician. Everyone who has gone through the screening receives their detailed report within 21 days from the date of appointment. People who have detected with some abnormalities in the report would also receive the printed images of their atrial fibrillation, abdominal aortic aneurysm, or carotid artery apart from the written report to learn more about us: https://www.linkedin.com/company/life-line-screening click here.

The wellness programs offered by Life Line is targeting the corporates to keep their employees healthy by making them empowered, educated, and engaged to proactively take care of their health and wellness. The high-value screening programs offered Life Line Screening have featured on many media networks include Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, The MidWeek, etc.

Be Part of Your Child’s Classroom with ClassDojo

Most every parent wants to know what is going on in their child’s classroom and at school in general. Every teacher wants to be able to communicate with parents easily and timely. But, that is hard to do when you are a working parent and cannot be there for parent/teacher meetings or special events. Those types of issues helped spark the creation of an impressive app called ClassDojo. Imagine pulling up an app on your smartphone and to see a picture of the excitement on your child’s face the moment they solve their first multiplication problem or watch a video of them playing through their first song in band. You did not just get a note sent home from school about the accomplishment – you witnessed it!

ClassDojo creates a positive culture and will connect you and your student with his or her teachers to bring learning to life and create enthusiasm in the classroom. Along with the “in-class” perception that the app can give to parents, it also gives the teachers a platform to encourage students on an individual basis. For the student, it gives them a voice of their own where they can post pictures and videos to their individual profiles. It simply creates a sense of community within the school and classrooms. No more are the days of “How did your day go?”. Parents will not have to wonder. They can see for themselves and have extraordinary communication with teachers to enhance learning for their child and create a fun and positive environment at the same time.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Launches Platform To Optimize Cancer Care

Of the challenges with the current state of cancer treatment is that there is much more data available than any one doctor or even institution can keep track of by itself. Collating and assembling the wisdom of the medical crowd into a best practices for cancer treatment is the holy grail of oncology.

To that end, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have partnered with AllScripts and NantHealth to launch Clinical Pathways, a comprehensive collection of the latest cancer care data. Using the platform, physicians and other healthcare professionals can access a wealth of treatment data from hospitals and other medical institutions across the United States. Clinical Pathways allows doctors to see the treatments with the best results and optimize outcomes and costs across a wide range of variables. This data helps patients, doctors and other interested parties examine the data and make the best possible decision.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national network of five for-profit hospitals that specialize in cancer treatment. The first Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital was founded in 1988 after Richard J Stephenson’s mother died as the result of her cancer. He was unhappy with the treatment she received and became convinced there was a better way to tackle this terrible disease.

The company is now based in Boca Raton, Florida and has institutions in Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America also has offices in a number of countries in Europe and the Middle East, which can diagnose and funnel patients to the five American hospitals for treatment.

George Soros Brings His Work As A Philanthropist To The U.S.

The leading philanthropist and hedge fund manager George Soros has spent much of the last few years exploring the many different options open to him in attempting to have a positive impact on the world and the nation of the U.S. The Open Society Foundations reports the work of George Soros as a leading philanthropist has been expanding in recent years to include the opportunity to explore the fight for social and criminal justice reform in the U.S. as part of his aim to develop his Open Society Foundations in the form of the philosophical theory developed by his former mentor Karl Popper; the open society theory states any nation believing it has the dominant political theory is already failing, which Soros believes is happening with the capitalist system operating in the U.S.

Politico reports George Soros has been seeking the top ways of having a positive impact on the U.S. political landscape through the myriad of financial donations made to many different political groups and candidates who follow the same liberal agenda as the Hungarian born investment specialist. The world has been going through a series of problems in the 21st-century, which George Soros believes can be placed at the feet of Republican and conservative groups across the globe; Soros believes liberal candidates can have a positive effect on the world around us and lead to a fairer and more stable political climate for each individual on the planet. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

In 2016, George Soros set out to have a positive impact on the future of the U.S. as he believed the best way of halting the rise of right-wing groups in the nation was to defeat the Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump; Soros provided around $25 million in donations to the campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton and the Super PAC’s supporting her in her bid for The White House across the course of the 2016 Presidential election cycle. Over the course of the 21st-century, George Soros has sat out two Presidential elections as he feels the only reason to become involved in the political environment is to provide protection for the people of the U.S. from dangerous political policies created by various conservative groups and leaders. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com

The fight for civil justice is the one that has been highlighted by George Soros over the course of the last two decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the “Cold War”. Soros has provided millions of dollars in funding for various civil rights groups over the course of recent years leading to his role as a leader of different protests springing up among African-American groups throughout the U.S. such as the Ferguson protests that were popularized by groups financed by the Open Society Foundations with more than $33 million, according to The Washington Times.

The Top Lime Crime Products

Just before Halloween in 2008 Doe Deere created the Cosmetic line Lime Crime. Originally set to be a fashion brand Deere quickly noticed a gap in the market for fun, bright and playful makeup. She quickly created her brand and offered women all over the world a chance to express themselves with new bold colors. 9 years later and Deere is still creating bright Innovative products for the Cosmetic industry. Her products are some of the most pigmented long wearing products on the market. Below are some of the most popular products they have to offer.


Liquid Eyeliner


Originally they mainly offered lip products but in recent years they have branched out and offered different I products such as eyeliner as well as eyeshadow. The eyeliner is a bold hyperpigmented liquid liner that not only has a ton of color payoff but also has a long lasting power. The eyeliner offers an ultra thin brush that allows for very precise application. Although the liner goes on liquid it dries to a nice matte finish that still has a ton of bold color. It is available in a variety of colors.


Superfoil Eyeshadow


Another bright and Innovative product from Lime Crime is their superfoil eyeshadows. Available in a duo each one offers bold unique colors including green, pink, purple and even turquoise. The superfoils are a very unique and Innovative design. They can be worn wet or dry and each offer amazing results. Wearing it dry offers a ton of Sparkle while wearing it wet turns it into a liquid foil. Both applications offer a bold unique look. They can be worn alone or combined with other eyeshadows. They are a fun new way to change up your look.


Diamond Crusher sleepwear


The diamond Crusher lip line is a unique lip wear line that offers a beautiful liquid matte lipstick with bold pigmented colors. They are made to give the look of crushed diamonds on the lips and can be worn alone or over another color for even better results. The diamond Crushers are an iridescent yet matte effect that can be worn alone or on top of another product. They offer all day lasting power and will not run or bleed. They are just one of the many top products that Lime Crime has to offer. https://www.pinterest.com/limecrime/

How James Dondero Came To Rule The World Of Dallas Finance

If there’s anyone who understands the world of finance better than James Dondero, they haven’t made themselves known yet. The head of Highland Capital has made a name for himself as the go to man for anyone in the world of Dallas investment. Under his management Highland Capital has made itself an international corporation even as it continues to do everything it can to support Dallas. Specifically, Dondero has adopted a model in which he looks out for the people of his city while also expanding his business into other areas. So far, the model seems to be a recipe for success.

Highland Capital essentially serves as an investment bank for institutional and retail investors. It has focused on giving those in these two sectors the ability to give the Dallas area growth and development when it needed it the most. Their approach appears to have generated considerable success as Dallas is now one of the most attractive cities for professional relocation. They have expanded their operations into areas outside of Dallas and even outside of the United States. Highland Capital now works in Hong Kong and other areas where it generates more revenue than it could simply sticking to local clientele.

James Dondero is a man who understands the important of business, but he is also heavily involved in philanthropy as well. Under his guidance Highland Capital has helped schools and other institutions throughout Dallas find the funding they need. He has created programs to improve home ownership among locals in Dallas as well. The reason he does this isn’t because he simply enjoys giving back. He understands the need to give back to his community because Dallas is what made Highland Capital possible. Doing everything to help out Dallas is exactly what James Dondero is about and this is just one part.

Lori Senecal’s Knowledge of the Market Inspires a New Approach to Advertising

When it comes to advertising, it is important to stay on top of everything that is happening in the market. It is more important than one would think in that the market and trends have a huge impact on the success of the company. This is one of the reasons that it is important to seek someone who has a lot of insight into the market. Among these people is Lori Senecal. She has a lot of experience in the advertising industry. She has also had a lot of time to observe and study the market so that she can be aware of the current and upcoming trends. Visit GC Report for more details.

According to Adage, one of the most important trends to be on top of is the digital advertising trend. For one thing, a lot of people are accessing the internet. Therefore, the best thing to do is to optimize a campaign for the internet so that people will be able to get the message about a new product or promotion that is in effect. Another trend is that the internet is going mobile. As more people are getting access to smartphones, they are able to view the internet from anywhere. Therefore, one of the best things to do is to prepare an advertising campaign for people that are carrying mobile devices.

Lori Senecal is someone who thinks a lot about what she is doing. She observes the industry and pays a lot of attention to what she sees so that she can bring forth the most effective ad campaigns for people. This is one of the reasons that she has gained a lot of clients. This helps her company grow and expand to other markets as people see that she is very efficient in her campaigns. The clients make even more money with her advertising

Read more: https://www.fastcompany.com/person/lori-senecal

Lime Crime Makeup: It Goes Beyond Tart And Sassy

Makeup should be flattering and fun, right?


Most of the time, unfortunately, we wear makeup like a shield or get stuck in a routine. A little mascara here, a little brown eye shadow there, a light lipstick, and we’re out the door.


Shouldn’t makeup be fantastical? In other words, shouldn’t our cosmetics enhance our beauty in a special, personal way?


Lime Crime makeup believes so. Maybe that’s why the brand has quickly become one of the powerful online leaders of e-commerce. The eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes and new hair colors are dreamy, sexy and vividly striking.


Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the company, and she established her cosmetics line in 2008. She badly wanted to bring something new to the vanity table. There was definitely a lot of makeup available, but there were few items that defined color, spirit and uniqueness. So Doe Deere jumped in, made her own colors and glittery accents and never looked back.


Today, Lime Crime is super popular across social media. The brand’s Instagram page alone counts more than 3.1 million followers. There’s a global fan base, and young women and men have fallen hard for the radically crazy color palettes, iridescence, sparkle and modern approach to cosmetics.


The lipsticks are like no other kind on the planet, and the Metallic Velvetines are so pretty in colors so unexpected. For example, Mermaid’s Grotto is a gorgeous blue shade described by the brand as being “a sheer robin’s egg with a gold sheen.”


The Velvetines are famous for going on like silk and ending up as a “luxurious liquid metal finish.” These formulas are long-lasting, never dry out the lips, and as Doe Deere likes to say, these lipsticks look “cool AF.”


Unicorn hair dye is another new product in Lime Crime’s colorful line-up. The dyes are gentle, last a long time and can create the perfect head-turning mane in new shades like Tweet (chick yellow), Mint Ice (frosted mint) and Cloud (periwinkle blue).


Your makeup doesn’t have to be boring, at least, not anymore.  shop more at their sister company dollskill.

Lime Crime Hair Dye Offers Their Customers A Unique Color Scheme

Get great hair color options with over thirteen colors to choose from. You have the option of semi or permanent hair dye options from Lime Crime cosmetics. That’s right, LC is now offering their customers one of a kind hair care colors that give you a bold new look. You get a full 700 ml jar that gives you up to 14 amazing washes with their permanent dye and 10 washes with their tint. Choose a color temporarily or permanently for your new fantasy-inspired look that your friends will admire. Join the thousands of others that have chosen bold new colors options with LC today.


LC offers the first line of cosmetics to be based with super-foil. You get perfect shades like Radical Metallic and Sorbet for your eyelids and lips. Thousands of YouTube tutorials will help you decide on the perfect blend. Mix and match Lime Crime colors just the way you want to for the perfect color scheme every time. You’ll be impressed and bring the unicorn out of you with each application. You never have to worry about dull boring colors again with LC hair dyes and cosmetics. Best of all, they provide long lasting stay power with all of their color options.


You get one of a kind colors that are hard to find with their competitors. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. LC offers effective and reasonably priced products that you won’t want to trade for anything else. Accent any mood or any attire with colors that are easy to transition from a day to night mood. They provide hypoallergenic products are safe for all skin types and the LEAP Bunny approved products that you’re use too with the LC name.


Visit their exclusive website for more purchasing options that offer great promotional offers for their first-time users. Lime Crime products are great for young professionals that want to make a bold color state. Join thousands of women that have taken the color revolution today.