Cassio Audi, the Unlikely Musician

If you have come across the name Cassio Audi it has probably been in business finance circles. However, before his more than two-decade professional career, Cassio Audi was a talented musician who would have no doubt become greatly accomplished had he remained the course.
In 1985 at the where heavy metal was sweeping across the United States and Europe, Cassio Audio and his friends were among the first people to introduce the trend in Brazil. The six of them formed a rock band and aptly named it Viper, given how potent the music they made would become. As a drummer, a young Cassio Audi drew inspiration from the drummers of more accomplished bands such as Iron Maiden.
Viper recorded a demo album in its very first year of its formation. Cassio Audi played drums on all of the songs on the album, including hits such as Princess from Hell and Nightmare. He would also be on the drums for the band’s first studio album released only two years later. Surprisingly, many found the apparent rawness to the albums to be quite authentic and alluring. Consequently, many fans and critics alike pegged these five young men, including the talented drummer for greatness.
In a move that came as a surprise to many fans, Cassio Audi decided to leave the band in 1989. He instead decided to pursue a professional career in business and soon after joined University to study business administration. In his absence, the remaining members of Viper went on to release a highly successful second album, Theatre of Fate. The album was even better received than the first one. Cassio Audi, however, remained true to his newly chosen path going on to become a highly successful finance executive.
While it may be long behind him, there is no denying Cassio Audi’s early musical career has greatly shaped the man he is today.

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