Equities First Holdings Targets Those People With Stocks

The company is a global lender as well as the leading company when it comes to solutions in alternative shareholder financing solutions. The firm has moved its offices in Melbourne to a new location with the aim of making accessibility easier. Mitchell Hopwood, the managing director of the company in Australia, said that the firm is continuing to grow and that is why they decided to relocate so that they would have a place that has enough space that would accommodate the rising number of customers. Equities First Holding moved to Collins Street, Victoria at the heart of Melbourne.
The company has its presence in three locations. They include Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. Equities First Holdings is known to be providing clients with loans on the basis of their stock holdings. They give loans for business expansion, investments, or other purposes. They do not restrict their customers to use the loans towards particular projects. You are at liberty to use the money the way you see better in the following: http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ANPCY/news?id=143461 click here.
Equities First Holdings are not found in Australia only. They have branches in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Thailand, and Singapore. The headquarters of the company is located in Indianapolis, USA.
The company specializes in coming up with alternative lending solutions that are effective for those who seek non-purpose capital. There is no other financial service provider that you will get that offer better services than Equities First Holdings. They have a good reputation in many parts of the world.
The people who would benefit the most from the products of this company are high net-worth individuals. Equities First Holdings targets those people with stocks. This means that these people have quite a good net worth, as they are capable of trading in the stock market. The stocks are used as the security for the loan. You do not have to provide any other guarantee.

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