Honey Birdette on launching their new website

The lingerie company, Honey Birdette, has recently made incredibly large leaps forward within their marketing system. With the upcoming launch of their new e commerce retail website, the company is expecting the numbers of their stores to go from a small handful to over 40 in just a year. With remarkable success, the company experienced an outstanding increase of 374% after launching the website. The website was meant to increase user friendliness for people buying their product, however, the results of the sites have proven to increase the company’s capital in many ways. In addition to a user friendly site, the new programs have shown faster delivery, easy returns and a wider range of consumer products.
Additionally, the company has released to the press that they have over 10 stores set up to be opened in the U.K. Honey Birdettes first store was opened just outside of Australia, However, it was only the spark that started the wildfire of success that this company was about to see.
Honey Birdette was created in 2006, shortly before launching their first website.the company was founded by an entrepreneur by the name of Eloise Monaghan. Monaghan made it her life’s work to own a successful company, growing up with a mother in retail she has stated that she was always very driven.
The company was founded over a glass of wine shared with two friends who were dissatisfied with the current market for lingerie. They could never find what they truly wanted, or even undergarments that were tastefully designed. Conclusively, Today, Honey Birdette has reached impressive numbers on the market and they are a go-to for anyone looking to make their life in the bedroom more interesting.

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