How Fabletics is Taking Amazon to School and Dominating this Retail Space

When Amazon has a strong hold on over 20% of fashion sales online, it can be a real uphill battle for any other retailer to try and dominate this space. One such taker, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, posed to do over $250 million in sales in the last three years, a real threat to the Amazon empire. The difference with her company is she uses a subscription base to sell her clothing to loyal customers, combining both a subscription and membership platform to dominate the niche.


The way Fabletics works is quite ingenious, you visit one of the physical stores, you get your measurements taken so you are assured of finding the perfect piece of clothing, and everything you try on in the store is saved in your account in case you want to buy when you get home tonight. The key here is what is called reverse-showrooming, and it is something that is completely opposite of what the big fashion retailers like Amazon are terrified of. Amazon needs you to buy, they don’t want you trying stuff on and then going home and finding it cheaper. This is exactly where Fabletics is raising the bar.


To give you an example of how Fabletics is blazing a new trial of its own, we start with the physical showrooms. If you have not yet signed up for a membership and take the Lifestyle Quiz, now is the ideal time. Once you are all registered, you walk into a retail outlet and are recognized as soon as you start adding things to the cart. There is no pressure to buy, in fact, you are encouraged to try on the merchandise and to really get a feel for the high-quality of everything in the store.


Later that night, you can go back online and continue shopping. Now that the system has all your vitals, the website will show you items based on your measurements and answers to the lifestyle quiz to consider. Now you can purchase the items you bought earlier, add more items to the cart based on your quiz results, or choose something completely different.


Kate Hudson’s take on the winning athleisure brand is that she feels that women should be able to enjoy quality and low-pricing combined. She knows that if you can provide great looking and high-quality items, women will come back again and again to buy. She talks about how her customers not only rave about the amazing designs in many of the yoga pants available, but how these customers receive all sorts of positive comments when they are wearing the new apparel.


Her take on this brand is simple, high-quality, convenience in shopping, and low pricing. When it comes to convenience, Hudson says that once you are a member, you will receive an e-mail at the beginning of each month, highlighting a new piece of apparel that matches your results and your size, already loaded in your cart and ready to ship. Consumers are given the choice to accept the piece of apparel, change it, or not to make any purchase this month and skip the selection until next month.

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