Felipe Montoro Jens And What He Thinks About the New Steps Taken To Improve The Country’s Sanitation Services

The Brazilian National Bank for Economics and Social Development has made a decision to provide concessions that will help in developing the basic sanitation services in the country. The government is aiming to provide better structural and management services in the sanitation industry. The Trata Brasil’s president, Edison Carlos, in an interview said that public sector gives about 90 percent of the country’s sanitation services. He added that by moving to include the private sector in this industry for improved infrastructural development and empowerment. Felipe Montoro Jens in the interview said that the government should be clear about the goals when they create a contract with the private enterprises. He was in support of the concession as it would mean that the people will be able to enjoy better sanitation health services. He was also happy with the fact that the government was making positive changes to their waste management program that was suffering from a long time.



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