The 27 Club Has Taken Many Too Soon


The 27 Club“, also known as “forever 27”, is the name that is given to rock musicians who had the unfortunate event of passing to young at the age of 27. Although some of these musicians didn’t die at the actual age of 27, they will always remain on this list because of their influences they had on the music industry. The causes of death differ greatly from things like suicide, overdosing on drugs, addictions to drugs and alcohol and even chocking on their own vomit. All members on this list will never have their next birthday and turn 28, they will be 27 forever.


  1. Kurt Cobain: Died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.
  2. Amy Winehouse: Her cause of death was for an overdose of alcohol.
  3. Jimi Hendrix: An overdose of 9 prescription sleeping pills is what caused him to pass away.  But nothing beats some good headphones and a Jimi Hendrix solo.
  4. Janis Joplin: It was an assumed heroin overdose that was influenced by alcohol that caused Janis Joplin to pass.
  5. Jim Morrison: The official police report states that his passing was due to a heroin overdose while in the bathtub but there are other speculations such as accidentally snorting heroin thinking it was cocaine.
  6. Robert Johnson: His cause of death was from possible strychnine, which was caused by drinking whiskey in the bar that had been tampered with.
  7. Alan Wilson: Like many others, drug overdose was the cause of his falling, as well.
  8. Brian Jones: From The Rolling Stones, he was later let go because of his addiction to drugs. He was found in a pool where he had a drowning “death by misadventure”.

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