The Lung Institute’s Efforts in Treating Lung Disease

Lung diseases have affected thousands of livelihoods worldwide. The increased air pollution from industries and motor vehicle exhausts has contributed to this sad state. Also, the destruction of forest cover for human settlement has compounded the situation.

If infected by bacteria, the air we breathe in has destructive effects on our smooth bronchial coverings. Moreover, inhaling allergens result in an inflammatory condition that causes bronchial congestion and increases difficulty in breathing. A combination of these facts results in the destruction of the lung tissue and subsequent breathing debility. If not treated, the condition persists to become a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a potentially dangerous illness.

Fortunately, after observing the suffering and deaths caused by lung diseases, the Lung Institute has come up with a remedy and care for patients. The Lung Institute is the leading health provider in diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases worldwide. Whether the condition is caused by benign or malignant neoplasm or other origins, the specialists handle the state offering successful recoveries.

How does the Lung Institute achieve lung treatment?

According to, having the best physicians in diagnosis and treatment has propelled us to the international arena. We deploy stem cells harvested from the patient’s blood or bone marrow into the blood stream. The stem cells rest in the lungs providing natural healing and a reduction in inflammation.

How is the success rate so far?

The lung institute has opened several clinics in the US. We have hospitals in Nashville, Tenn., Pittsburgh, Pa., Tampa, Fla., Dallas, Texas, and Scottsdale, Ariz. The clinics have offered treatment to over 3,000 lung patients with a success rate of 84.5%.

Promoters of lung stem cells treatment from the Lung Institute have held numerous medical events worldwide. The aim is to sensitize stakeholders and governments to embrace the use of stem cell therapy. Experts at the Lung Institute believe that with acceptance of the stem cell therapy, the traditional methods of treatment can be changed to suit the changing disease patterns globally. To learn more, please visit

JeanMarie Guenot Leads Amphivena

With more than 20 years of experience, JeanMarie Guenot continues her effective leadership of Amphivena, where she helms the development and innovation of bifunctional therapies for antibodies that can fight against some hematologic malignancies. This pharmaceutical and biotech veteran has worked in both the public and private sectors.

Prior to this work as the President and Chief Executive Officer at Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., JeanMarie Guenot founded SKS Ocular. This start-up incubator focused on ophthalmic research. SKS Ocular studied drug delivery in the ocular region, dry AMD,and various medicines for the treatment of macular degeneration, inflammation of the oculus, and glaucoma. Additionally, Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot held positions with the pharmaceutical giant Hoffman-La Roche in the role of business advisor in both Shanghai, China and Basel, Switzerland. Further, at PDL BioPharma, Guenot held the position of VP of Corporate and Business Development. In this capacity she oversaw the mergers and acquisitions, all licensing processes, and managed the commercial product portfolio for the Research and Development division at PDL.

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JeanMarie also worked on the co-commercialization and co-development with the Biogen Iden-PDL 50:50 project, in which she worked on the negotiation. This partnership on focused on autoimmune disease sufferers as drug testing candidates as well as moving forward important research on Phase 2 cancer issues. This was a very large undertaking, with a total transaction amount of $800MM which contained an equity investment in PDL of $100MM. The investments were to maximize the outcomes of the project and was split between Hoffmann- LaRoche and the Biogen Idec/PDL Partnership. During this time period, Dr. Guenot also worked on an oncology drug that was licensed under her direction. Working with Ophthotech, the team worked to further the ophthalmic part of this cancer fighting drug.

The drugs that JeanMarie has worked on development on include treatments for ophthalmic disorders and diseases, the treatment of auto immune diseases, neuropathy, heart and cardiovascular irregularities, in addition to her main field of study relating to oncology written on

She began her career on the financial side of the business and has steadily grown her career to include all manner of ophthalmic research.

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How UKV PLC Rose To The Top Of UK Vintners

United Kingdom Vintner PLC (UKV PLC) is a comprised of a small group of wine consultants who are headquartered in Croydon, Surrey. The company also maintains a trading floor in London. The team at UKV PLC can advise their clients on a huge range of wine that is bought for both consumption and as an investment.

As UKV PLC is a privately held and independent company, they can source wine from a large network of wine suppliers including merchants, traders, and brokers. They also facilitate their customers selling their investment grade win on their London trading floor.

The wine consultant at UKV PLC can either talk to clients at the company’s offices or they will meet their clients at their choice of location for a face-to-face consultation. The wine consultants knowledge and experience help their clients pick the perfect wine for any type of occasion or investment.

The team behind UKV PLC maintain a lively social media presence. Their Facebook page is updated multiple times a day. The Facebook page features article about wine that is meant to inform and entertain their fans. A recent article explained just exactly how long a red wine can last after being opened as well as the best way to store it. They also had an article posted that gave a list of the top 10 wine gadgets of 2017.

The investment grade wine selection that UKV PLC lists on their website is impressive, to say the least. The list includes an Ausone 2005 that is presently worth £13,600.00. Other listings include a Haut Brion 2009 that is £6950.00 and a Lafite Rothschild 1982 that they retail for £37,500.00. No matter the budget or what specialty wine the client is seeking, the team at UKV PLC can source and provide it to them.

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The 27 Club Has Taken Many Too Soon


The 27 Club“, also known as “forever 27”, is the name that is given to rock musicians who had the unfortunate event of passing to young at the age of 27. Although some of these musicians didn’t die at the actual age of 27, they will always remain on this list because of their influences they had on the music industry. The causes of death differ greatly from things like suicide, overdosing on drugs, addictions to drugs and alcohol and even chocking on their own vomit. All members on this list will never have their next birthday and turn 28, they will be 27 forever.


  1. Kurt Cobain: Died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.
  2. Amy Winehouse: Her cause of death was for an overdose of alcohol.
  3. Jimi Hendrix: An overdose of 9 prescription sleeping pills is what caused him to pass away.  But nothing beats some good headphones and a Jimi Hendrix solo.
  4. Janis Joplin: It was an assumed heroin overdose that was influenced by alcohol that caused Janis Joplin to pass.
  5. Jim Morrison: The official police report states that his passing was due to a heroin overdose while in the bathtub but there are other speculations such as accidentally snorting heroin thinking it was cocaine.
  6. Robert Johnson: His cause of death was from possible strychnine, which was caused by drinking whiskey in the bar that had been tampered with.
  7. Alan Wilson: Like many others, drug overdose was the cause of his falling, as well.
  8. Brian Jones: From The Rolling Stones, he was later let go because of his addiction to drugs. He was found in a pool where he had a drowning “death by misadventure”.

The Wonderful World of Wengie Vlogs

Wengie is an Australian lifestyle and beauty vlogger and blogger. Her YouTube channel is the number one Asian beauty channel in Australia. The topics she usually covers in her YouTube videos involve style, beauty, lifestyle, décor, life hacks, health, and diet plans. Wengie has three different YouTube channels that she maintains for her many followers.


The YouTube channel WengieVlogs has a variety of fun vlogs. Her more recent Wengie Vlogs are about remembering her childhood days, hitting six million subscribers, and getting her hair bleached. Remembering her childhood days is an interesting and personal vlog. Wengie points out that we all need to be the person that our younger selves needed. The getting her hair bleached vlog showed Wengie recording her hair salon visit to have her roots professionally bleached. She also talked about how exciting it was to reach six million subscribers to her Wonderful World of Wengie family.


The YouTube channel she has called Wengie has fun and highly creative YouTube videos about beauty and life hacks. The more recent videos she put on her Wengie YouTube are 30 Weird Things Everyone Did as a Kid

 and 10 DIY Room Décor Life Hacks For Organiation and Spring Cleaning Decorating Ideas. The 10 DIY Room Décor Life Hacks for Organization and Spring Cleaning Decorating Ideas is especially helpful right now if you are doing some spring cleaning. One of the helpful ideas is to use wood packing boxes to build a shelf for storage.


Wengie has various social media platforms you can follow to learn about new things going on for her and what’s new with Wengie vlogs. Her Instagram is @misswen.

Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation at their Best

Adam Milstein came to the US to continue with his studies and attained an MBA from USC after graduating from Technion. He is also a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist who has helped the community at large.


Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is one of the top firms that their main objective is to bring together Jewish community. Furthermore it defends and strengths the Jewish people through its heritage and culture by their morals in the future generation. The organization teaches pro-Israel Americans through delivering them with adequate skills to stand for the religion and create firm bond of the Israel-United States Association.


More than 80 people have now voted through starting videos that notify, inspire and keep amusing the community about Israel. The competition is observed by the board of judges who are ‘inspired by Israel’.


Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation are the main sponsors also is part of the competition and are in collaboration with the 12Tribe Films Foundation, whereby a total of $20,000 will be given to as a cash prize to the individual who the video will win as well as $8,000 as a grand prize.


The competition involves voting that takes 10 days and the deadline date is 29th March. When the voting ends the awards will be chosen through a set of vital expertise including Gila Milstein a Humanitarian and David Suissa who serves as the Jewish Journal Media President and also Michael Dickson who also serves as the Executive Director of StandWithUS Israel. The winners will then be announced on 30th April.


Adam Milstein stated that the competition is a symbol of people in Israel community coming together and showing their ideas for a better future. He as well is certain that the people in the community will eventually get involved in the competition by voting their favorite videos.


The competition made a huge development last year through making a record of more than 500,000 views. Therefore the outcome was displayed through the Jewish Journal, StandWithUs, Israel Politician and other channels whereby the award Superman’s Got Nothing On Israel’ attained a lot of views.


Desiree Perez Is Creating Ripples In The Music Industry

Music streaming today spells big business. Tidal has always been the underdog in this industry, but not anymore. This is because Desiree Perez is going to change that. Besides, she will ensure that this company will stay around for a real long time.

The founder of Tidal is Jay-Z, check this on  The membership has been dwindling, and even the people in top management positions are stepping down. But Jay-Z has still not given up hope. Now along with Desiree Perez, he intends to see Tidal thrive and reach new heights. He is looking forward to new memberships along with loads of music fans. Desiree Perez wants to bring in more customers. But for that, she needs to get the customers feel interested in Tidal.

Lots of different angles are being worked upon. The best thing to happen is Desiree Perez being able to finalize a few multi-million dollar contracts.  Related News here.

This is why Jay-Z considers that Desiree Perez is the right person for this business. She is the person who can manage this transition. In fact, she was the person who helped him to transition from rap to music streaming. Besides, she makes it look so easy too.

Interesting articles on

Desiree Perez is the owner of her own business. Desiree Perez knows which deals should be finalized. She looks for deals that will be the most profitable for the performing artists as well as for the Tidal business. This way she has managed to get more and more people signing up for Tidal. She is the person behind the scenes who is managing to set the business rolling. She has the right mindset, and she knows exactly what is required in order to grow the Tidal business.  For more of Dez activities and works, head over to

Tidal has managed to get some album exclusive. This is from a few of the famous co-owners. These include Rihanna, Beyoncé, besides T.I. as well as Kanye West.

Check Perez here


How Clay Siegall is Involved in the Fight Against Cancer

A recent post published by Clay Siegall on his blog highlighted a man who was able to use the power of thoughts to control his limb through the use of a robotic machine. The article touches on the technological innovations and advancements currently witnessed in the modern world of science. This technology will be a tremendous contribution to the medical field.

Another interesting article is about the March madness that has hit the school. The article talks about how March mammal madness has had an impact on most students. They tend to bet on which animal will win a fight. March mammal madness was created by Arizona State University biologist Katie Hinde. Katie sees this as an opportunity of having fun while educating students at the same time.

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and President of Seattle Genetics. He also serves as the CEO and is a member of the Board of Directors. He co-founded this company in 1998 and had remained on the front line in the battle against cancer. Seattle Genetics has significantly contributed to the fight against cancer by developing clinical products. The company is responsible for antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), which is an antibody that has helped many patients.

In 2011, Siegall guided his company to raise over $1.2 billion through IPO and private funding. Through his leadership, the company has managed to stay on course in a fight against cancer. Investors’ confidence in Sieagall’s company is a clear indication of the better things to come.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked with the National Institutes of Health, and before that, he was with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Siegall is responsible for guiding the company into greater heights. As a trusted figure, he is allocated the responsibilities of fundraising and ensuring investors have confidence in the company.

His leadership skills were witnessed when the company raised funds to run their research. He was awarded the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year. Due to his vast knowledge, he serves on Board of Director of many companies, including Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance.

Highland Capital Helps Investors Negotiate New Health Markets

The Affordable Care Act effectively put an umbrella over more than 16% of the United States GDP. It centralized all purchasing and extensions of personal health care plans and business health insurance policies. It even put new mandates on the schedules medical providers use in their offices.


One thing that the ACA did not do was hinder private investment in health care industries. The nature of capital growth in these industries did not go away, or become restricted. They only changed slightly to include more oversights on how investments are secured and distributed. This is the primary reason why investing in health care industry stocks, via mutual funds, is now most successful when directed by experts like Highland Capital. This Dallas, TX-based investment firm is responsible for managing more than $2 billion in portfolio assets that are rooted in the health care and medical innovation sectors.


The success of Highland Capital, especially through periods of extreme economic and governmental change, is due to its organization. This firm is large enough to handle expansive accounts and a diverse clientele. It remains people-centric however, and delegates management responsibilities to experts who are more than qualified to help investors negotiate difficult decisions about their portfolios. Some managers at Highland Capital Management have advanced dual degrees in finance, and fields like medicine. This is especially fortuitous for clients of the company who are interested in starting investments based on new options in health sector markets, or who are worried about how changes in the law will affect their investment strategies.


The growing value of Highland Capital’s holdings is a testament to the company’s versatility, management style, and dedication to the welfare of its clients. Investors wanting to find new capital opportunities in a changing economy will have success working with the Highland Capital investment team.