Troy Mcquagge from USHEALTH Group Inc. Got The Gold in One Planet 2016 Business and Professorial Excellence Awards

Troy McQuagge, the Chief Executive Officer and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. is considered as one of the most successful CEOs in the US insurance industry. He has more than 20 years of intensive and hands-on expertise in insurance and sales industry as well as a successful track record in some of the biggest companies. He has been recognized for his professional excellence with a number of prestigious awards in the past that includes but do not limits to 2016 Gold Award from Golden Bridge Awards, 2016 Gold Award (Most Innovative CEO of the Year) from CEO World Awards as well as 2007 Gold Stevie Awards for Insurance Sales Organization of the Year. This is the first time, Troy McQuagge has won the Gold Award from One Planet, and everyone from USHEALTH Group Inc. including Troy were really delighted at this news.



A press release on January 10, 2017, confirmed the news that Troy McQuagge has won the Gold award. His name was nominated in 2016 by his colleagues considering his amazing success as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. One Planet, considered as one of the premium award programs in the USA receives hundreds of nominations from different individuals and organizations and ranks them in terms of excellent performance. They consider a wide range of sectors from home and abroad that includes but do not limit to marketing, sales, finance, PR, new products & services and many more. This is why; it is considered as a prestigious award, and Troy was quite glad to receive the Gold award from them.



In a briefing with the media, Troy seemed quite delighted with his victory. He expressed his gratitude to everyone and mentioned that this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group Inc. who have been working with him. He also added that this award is a testament to their commitment to developing cost-effective health coverage for their clients and they will continue with their excellent work in future as well.



Troy has been serving as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. since 2014 and played a crucial role in its unprecedented growth over last two years. Thanks to his strategic leadership, USHEALTH Group Inc. has become one of the largest insurance holding companies that cater to small business owners and self-employed people with affordable and innovative health coverage. Troy has also been serving as the CEO and President of USHEATH Advisors since 2010 and developed a number of intuitive strategies for that group. His proprietary Agency Platform that he developed for USHEALTH Advisors helped this company to capture massive growth and profit as well as become the largest captive career sales organizations in the Under 65 insurance market segment. Before this, he served as the President Agency Marketing Group at HealthMarket from 1996 to 2008.



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