The Midas Legacy’s Tips for a Wonderful Career

A lot of people want to invest their income wisely. But few people do so successfully. That is why the Midas Legacy exists. Helping you use what you have more effectively to maximize profit. There are three questions that can transform your portfolio. The Midas Legacy would like to share them with our beloved customers to help them become better individuals.

1. What do I love to do?

The Midas Legacy has found that a lot of our clients have an enormous amount of debt. This is because they like living above their means. Living above your means is often seen as an appropriate financial behavior, but it can be a ruinous one. How do you fix it? People who love to live in wealthy style can pick jobs overseas where there is a favorable cost of living advantage. Living in China is much cheaper, and you get far more for your money over there. Many ESL teachers find they can save half of their income in China, when they were spending all of it in the United States just making their car payment. Try to find what you love to do, and do not hide it.

2. Who strongly wants what I love to do?

Finding a favorable market requires finding the group of people who will pay you well for doing what you love to do. Most people accommodate their employer to get a ho-hum job that does not pay enough to make their bills. What group of people or businesses desperately wants what I have to offer, and is willing to pay me highly for it? Sometimes finding my particular market requires being very flexible.

3. What are My Competitors Afraid to Do?

The Midas Legacy sees trends in consulting its clients. People avoid change. They avoid risk. They avoid suffering loss. All of these phobias need to be eliminated in order to find your particular ideal market. The law of comparative advantage states that the most wealth is produced when people make what they are good at making and sell to those who are really bad at making that thing. Figure out what your competitors are afraid to do. People who live above their means (as an example) might be afraid to move overseas where you can actually live in style without spending too much money. That is just one example.

The Midas Legacy loves to help folks reach the life they want. You can contact us to learn more at [email protected] or 1-(321)-221-1113

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