What Is The Significance Of The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy?


Lovaganza is more than the world cultural festival coming in 2020. It is an entertainment house all unto itself that is creating some of the finest art and music in the world. Their commitment to art and culture is unparalleled, and they are building a movie franchise that will share their belief in the power of world cultures. This article explains the significance of the Convoy trilogy, where they are shooting and what it means to the world at-large.


#1: The Convoy Trilogy’s Message


There are quite a few pieces of the movies that talk about a search for truth in the world, and that is quite a large part of the Lovaganza festival. Everyone who partakes in the festival is searching for art and culture that cannot be found easily, and the Convoy trilogy will take viewers through an amazing search.


#2: Filming In Spain


The films were recently shot in Spain where the crews are highlighting as many different subcultures as they can. This is all massive introduction to the Lovaganza festival, and gives viewers an idea of what they may find by attending or watching online. Creating media in the 21st Century is the simplest way to market to the world, and films may be translated into different languages easily. Everyone from the most southern of South Americans to those on the Russian tundra may watch the movies to learn what is in store.


#3: Pairing The Soundtrack To Other Films


The Convoy trilogy is only one part of what Lovaganza has created, and they are now working on The Marvelous 12. Their animated film will offer a background on the festival that leads into the Convoy trilogy. The movies are a sweeping look at what it takes to bring people together from around the world, and they offer perspective on world culture that is not readily available.


#4: Lovaganza Is A Worldwide Event


Lovaganza has been billed as a worldwide event that will help bring the world together. Each culture will have its own place to perform, and it will have a place where it may share its own history. Every island in the Pacific, every country across Asia, the lands of the west and everyone in between all have their own platform for performance. The Lovaganza festival enjoys making film and music, and they are building a film library that will stand the test of time even after the festival is over. Lovaganza is a byword for cultural enlightenment, and it is a festival that will hold the world together in 2020.


Everyone interested in the new Lovaganza festival will find their films interesting, and the Convoy trilogy will give them a look at what the festival does as it searches the world for the best culture, history and talent.

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