The Impeccable Career of Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian entrepreneur who serves as the president and the chairperson of Grupo RBS. The RBS group runs and owns a number of entertainment and journalism brands across Brazil. Apart from that, Duda is also the owner of e.Bricks which is a company that deals with the digital industry and operates within Brazil and the United States of America.  Mr. Duda graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande with a degree in Business Administration then proceeded to the prestigious Harvard University where he earned an MBA.

Duda Melzer started his career in the United States of America working at Delphi. In this organization, he was a financial analyst. He later became the Chief Executive Officer of Boxtop Media. In the year 2004, he was appointed the Director General for the National Market RBS group. From the year 2004 through to the year 2016, Duda Melzer managed to move up several positions to become the chairperson and the president of the RBS Group. The leadership of Duda Melzer has been described as impeccable hence pedestaling him to be a role model to many young investors and entrepreneurs.

Due to his massive contribution to the business and investment world, Duda Melzer has been awarded several awards recognizable in the business world. Mr. Duda was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Ernst and Young (EY) firms. Additionally, he was awarded The Merit in Business Administration in the Private Sector among other accolades.

Nutrimost Takes Video Matter to Court

Nutrimost has ben one of the most successful weight loss plans in the country over the last couple years. A lot of fad diets seem to come out and have very little results but are successful companies because of the fact that they have great marketing. Nutrimost seems to be getting its client’s great results. Some of them have lost over 30 lbs in the first month on the program. Nutrimost says that their success has led to other companies stealing their intellectual property for their own personal gain.

The main company they are focused on is a Pennsylvania-based weight loss company called Healthy Living. They say that the company stole a video off of their website to use on their own. The video is a promotional video that extols the virtues of the Nutrimost weight loss plan via doctor and client testimonials.

Nutrimost is very popular amongst its clients because of its great results. It is also because of the method of the program. The weight loss program doesn’t use any dietary supplements or any other medicine. It uses the Nutrimost Resonant Frequency to help people on their quest to lose weight. The weight loss plan is guided by a trained medical professional. This plan has been known to improve metabolism and reduce cravings for food.

Nutrimost gave Healthy Living a chance to right their wrongs before it got to court via a cease and desist letter in October of 2015. 

This led to Nutrimost bringing the matter to court. They are suing because of business that they lost and damages to their reputation. The amount that they are seeking is #300,000. Neither company has publicly commented at this point.


Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost Austin

Mike Baur- His Business Achievement and Career Path

Mike Baur is the co-founder and the Managing Partner at Swiss Startup Factory. The factory offers services such as startup accelerators, which is a program that takes a period of up to 3 months which provides startup of financial services, overlooking, mentoring, office area and access to vast investor networks and other regions. The organization also offers co-working spaces; source of human brains that work in the same way to establish and link connections that come in the same way to help improve products and their growth in an organization. Such a feature of co-working spaces brings with it a conference area and office plans that come into the same contact with the workers to provide that ambiance for them to work comfortably.

The organization also provides financial advising to its clients with services that like bookkeeping, invoice management, payroll management, accounts systems, tax and financial statements together with financial health results and reviews. The reviews are there to help firms with making sure that they run their accounts in an organized way that safeguards their livelihood in business. They are offered in ways that are suitable to the customer needs to open them up to various decisions in money matters. In turn, this helps in making sure that the company has adequate financial advisors that run its funds and that resources are used up to their maximum.

The primary mission of the organization is to provide young entrepreneurship in Switzerland. It also provides an excellent professional execution. The execution has a nice basis that shows them the way forward when it comes to a business-driven ground that shows their ambitions and varied business ideas.

The founder began with Fribourg, Switzerland in which he is strongly related to up to date and where he has set up his major business. He was into banking and Finance at early stages of his life where he was able to draw a plan and later establish his dream. Today, he is the most talented and strongest private banking institution administrator where he majors in major banking and advisory business in the world.

At the age of thirty-nine, he started his career of being an entrepreneur and founded Swiss Start-Up together with two other partners. He also invested in a mentorship program that was used to guide small entrepreneurs and startup firms in their journey through the business world. Through his achievements, a lot of enterprises have grown and in this way promoting the growth of Switzerland’s economic background.