Troy Mcquagge from USHEALTH Group Inc. Got The Gold in One Planet 2016 Business and Professorial Excellence Awards

Troy McQuagge, the Chief Executive Officer and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. is considered as one of the most successful CEOs in the US insurance industry. He has more than 20 years of intensive and hands-on expertise in insurance and sales industry as well as a successful track record in some of the biggest companies. He has been recognized for his professional excellence with a number of prestigious awards in the past that includes but do not limits to 2016 Gold Award from Golden Bridge Awards, 2016 Gold Award (Most Innovative CEO of the Year) from CEO World Awards as well as 2007 Gold Stevie Awards for Insurance Sales Organization of the Year. This is the first time, Troy McQuagge has won the Gold Award from One Planet, and everyone from USHEALTH Group Inc. including Troy were really delighted at this news.



A press release on January 10, 2017, confirmed the news that Troy McQuagge has won the Gold award. His name was nominated in 2016 by his colleagues considering his amazing success as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. One Planet, considered as one of the premium award programs in the USA receives hundreds of nominations from different individuals and organizations and ranks them in terms of excellent performance. They consider a wide range of sectors from home and abroad that includes but do not limit to marketing, sales, finance, PR, new products & services and many more. This is why; it is considered as a prestigious award, and Troy was quite glad to receive the Gold award from them.



In a briefing with the media, Troy seemed quite delighted with his victory. He expressed his gratitude to everyone and mentioned that this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group Inc. who have been working with him. He also added that this award is a testament to their commitment to developing cost-effective health coverage for their clients and they will continue with their excellent work in future as well.



Troy has been serving as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. since 2014 and played a crucial role in its unprecedented growth over last two years. Thanks to his strategic leadership, USHEALTH Group Inc. has become one of the largest insurance holding companies that cater to small business owners and self-employed people with affordable and innovative health coverage. Troy has also been serving as the CEO and President of USHEATH Advisors since 2010 and developed a number of intuitive strategies for that group. His proprietary Agency Platform that he developed for USHEALTH Advisors helped this company to capture massive growth and profit as well as become the largest captive career sales organizations in the Under 65 insurance market segment. Before this, he served as the President Agency Marketing Group at HealthMarket from 1996 to 2008.



Is A Non-Purpose Loan From Equities First AU in Your Future?

In a general sense, banks have tightened up their criteria for lending and are not too keen on letting loose of funds to just anyone. In this current environment, some may have had their credit tarnished a bit, through tough business situations, and some conventional credit based loans are difficult to obtain.

People still need to borrow money in situations where opportunities are beginning to show in a new thrust by a new president, and yet there is still stagnation from loan sources. If a quick loan is needed, sometimes an equity based loan is the answer.One of the biggest reasons for the securing of an equity loan is to loosen up working capital. Payroll still needs to be paid, equipment needs fixing, and inventory has to be purchased, or nothing gets sold.

Equities First is not providing a stock-based loan in this case, where a person is loaned money on the margin and then must also be pre-qualified similar to a regular bank loan. This type of loan is a stock-based loan, and the money does not have to be used for any particular purpose.This form of loan is ideal for the well-heeled small business person who can turn a quick profit with the borrowed money and can use that leverage for a solid profit.

This type of creative business loan will normally have a higher loan-to-value ratio than a typical margin loan, and they normally have a fixed rate of interest which offers a reasonable zone of comfort and predictability throughout the transaction.In an economy where working capital for business has been scarce, to say the least, loan collateral from equities is a smart way to get through some of the tough spots in a business like working capital, inventory funding and payroll needs and purposes.


Get Fun Flavors And Soft Lips With EOS

The lip balm manufacturing company Evolution Of Smooth or EOS, has taken the market by storm. In just a few short years the company has managed to surpass the sales of the former number one company Chapstick. One of the reasons for their huge success is the wide variety of flavors that they offer. Their flavors are unique and the other lip balm companies do not have the same type of variety. Some of the most popular flavors they offer include blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, and strawberry sorbet( Customers that buy this lip balms love the intense flavor and the natural ingredients that help to keep lips soft and smooth. Some of the other flavors that the company offers include summer berry fruit, honeysuckle honeydew, and sweet mint. EOS lipm balm products can be found on the shelves of stores such as Target, Walmart and Ulta.

The creators of Evolution Of Smooth lip balm knew that they had to have a unique marketing strategy to be able to compete with the other big brands that had been established on the market for many years. The big part of their strategy included unique packaging. The egg-shaped container that the product has is very unique to their brand. They also knew that they needed many flavors that were unique in the lip balm industry. This combination of effective marketing and strategy helped to propel EOS to the number two position in the lip balm industry.

Another reason that Evolution Of Smooth lip balm became so popular is because celebrities began using the product and carrying it with them everywhere they went. Once fans saw that they were using EOS lip balm products, they rushed right out to go buy some. They realized how effective and unique the lip balm is and they couldn’t seem to get enough and pretty soon you could find Evolution Of Smooth lip balm in just about every store in the country. Analysts have predicted that the company will continue to see incredible growth and is predicted to have sales in excess of $1 billion dollars by the year 2020.

Wessex Wikipedia (google UK)

Wessex Awards Top Scholars


The Wessex Institute of Technology is a world-renowned center of education located in the south of England at Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park. The stated goal of the school is to develop increasingly sophisticated methods of knowledge transfer.


The Association also give out several different awards to honorees that they feel are worthy. These awards include the the Prigogine Medal, which is given with the approval of the University of Siena and the George Green Medal, which was first awarded in 2014 in conjunction with the University of Mississippi.  Check also


Research in The New Forest

Established in 1986 by Professor Carlos Brebbia, the Wessex Institute of Technology is a research and educational institute that offers higher academic degrees and serves the international scientific community. Located in Southern England’s New Forest National Park, this prestigious institute offers research programs that are funded by business and study organizations. An annual conference by the Wessex Institute includes the awarding of two medals; one in collaboration and established with the Italian University of Siena in memory of Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Ilya Prigogine called the Prigogine Medal. The second award is in collaboration with the American University of Mississippi called the George Green Medal.


The Wessex Institute organizes 25 conferences annually and with association with organizations and universities, is held in several different

locations. These lectures, published along with edited works, specialized research monographs and journals are also available at the institute.  Click here.

Unique Achievements of Eric Pulier

Even though Eric Pulier has completed a degree as a Harvard graduate, his distinguishing characteristics does not stop or start there. Since his overall career started out as a 4th grade programmer, the add-ons to his notoriety appears to go on and on. Because of the variety that is tied to his name, people can track what he has done to a long lengthy list of contributions to many different types of career fields, choices and outside social interest. From developing innovative technology that people have access to today to becoming a champion for needed causes, Eric Pulier has an impressive background that will leave anyone in awe.


So, for those of you have an interest in what this individual has done from his youngest age until now, here’s quite a few interesting things that everyone should be aware of. With that being said, he is well known in a number of different venues including being a brilliant technologist, published author, public speaker, and a very generous philanthropist that prefers to his financial support children who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses and the like. All of which tends to sum up and broaden what Eric Pulier does and what he stands for.



Born in the State of New Jersey, he spent his earliest years simply preparing for a number of impressive achievements. For the most part, everyone should know that he has started his technology company when he graduated from high school. Along with his entrepreneurial success, Pulier started programs that have been noted as revolutionary to those who want to function at their fullest potential. Meaning his personal dreams and visions consists of helping teens and adults with accomplishing their dreams, while also having a chance to receive a reward for the success that they attain.



As stated previously, Eric Pulier is known for a number of different things that has changed the way technology is being used. As the leader and president of his own company, he started out early in life making great strides in this world. Some of which involves being a public speaker, a champion for teens and the sponsor for helping kids financially that suffer from chronic illnesses and disease.


Billy McFarland’s Bold Black Magnises Card: Oh–Millennial Have they got You Covered!

Billy McFarland, CEO and Founder of the Magnises Company, certainly knew what he was doing when he created his bold and black product offering: The Magnises Card. McFarland revolutionizes the card industry with his Magnises card. It goes fifteen steps above a regular rewards card.


The card has a handy pay component. The Millennial simply links up an existing debit or bank card to his weighty, metal Black Magnises Card and, like magic, he has a classic, refined way to pay for purchases.


The second element of the card is its social component. Many Millennials have a great deal going for them in the way of connecting with their peer group. However, when residing and working everyday in a primary city, such as New York, it can become much like getting lost at sea. Magnises however organizes the Millennial professional, in way of providing him or her places to mingle, after work, with other like-minded, career, Millennial professionals. So how cool is that? It just gets better. . .


The Magnises Company, provides the Magnises individual with a terrific Penthouse location, at one of the city’s premier spots. This is the perfect place to enjoy an open bar arrangement, in a chic setting, where other Magnises members; coming out of the fashion sector, the techy sector, and the financial houses, inter-mingle and enjoy the best in libations. Also, the view from this fashionable, contemporary location is spectacular. The Magnises Company knows how to make a social experience not only refined–but memorable.


Persons, who enjoy cool places to visit, receive the best in discounts too. McFarland has basically covered all of the company’s bases when it comes to events right for every stylish breed of Magnises user.


If the Magnises member is a sports fan–then there are all types of opportunities to enjoy the best in seating arrangements–and at prices that do not clean out the member’s wallet. Read related article at

The foodie is in for a great deal of fun too: He or she is able to sample all kinds of great foods, at city food festivals, visit prime dining establishments–where the ultimate in discounting is provided; and experience a night out at legendary food venues. World-respected chefs, are on board, to provide the Magnises member with the best in a culinary experience. More details on this site


Cultural enthusiasts are in for fun. There are art exhibits which to attend; and art discussions to embrace.


The preceding, though, is a mere sampling of what the card provides the Millennial. The list of amenities is far too many to list here. Almost every cultural and recreational experience is covered.


The annual price of the card is a thrifty $250 investment. It is the stylish, bold black card that is designed particularly for the professional Millennial–and a “must have.”

Follow them at

Mike Baur Is A Leader At The Swiss Startup Factory

The Internet is a driving force behind a new source of revenue for many companies in the business world. Ecommerce has become a new source of income for thousands of companies both large and small. Ecommerce is fueled by the Internet that provides companies with access to many people who are interested in purchasing the products and services offered by companies.


Over the past few decades, ecommerce has gone through a transformation. The use of technology behind the scenes that operates ecommerce has improved dramatically. In addition, there have been many technology innovations that have made ecommerce much easier and more efficient to use. As ecommerce has become a common concept and practice in the use of the Internet, many companies have placed more emphasis on Internet sales, online marketing, and ecommerce operations.


Another result of the use of ecommerce has been the creation of a new kind of entrepreneur who wants to start digital companies. The idea of starting a traditional company is still popular among entrepreneurs. However, the idea of starting and running digital companies is gaining momentum in the business world. Although many people may not recognize that there are major differences between running a traditional company and a digital company, all entrepreneurs must realize that there are differences. More importantly, entrepreneurs must understand the differences.


Mike Baur is a business professional who understands the differences between traditional companies and digital companies. He is one of the three partners who started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. As one of the partners of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur helps digital entrepreneurs learn how to start and operate successful digital companies.


Mike Baur is actively promoting the Swiss Startup Factory and what the company can do for digital entrepreneurs. The Swiss Startup Factory is receiving high praise in many areas for the company’s outstanding work regarding digital entrepreneurs. The company provides a variety of ways to help digital entrepreneurs that includes training programs, mentorship programs, and consulting services.


Mike Baur has helped many digital entrepreneurs learn how to start and operate digital companies. There is a need for companies such as the Swiss Startup Factory that provide real life information and excellent service to help digital entrepreneurs understand the digital world.


The Internet has changed the way the business world operates on a daily basis. The Internet gives companies a different way of attracting people and conducting transactions with people.


Top healthcare CEO Maggie Gill Develops Memorial Health Into A Top Insurance Provider

2016 has proven to be an important year in the career of Memorial University Medical Center President and CEO Maggie Gill after she was rewarded on a professional level for her own work and that of the staff of the hospital; the Florida State University and Saint Leo University graduate has also developed a working relationship with Eon Health to provide a new Medicare Advantage plan that will allow each insurance user to get the best possible care. Maggie Gill has been looking for the best possible linkups with other healthcare providers for a number of years and hopes the link to Eon will benefit both Memorial and the patients she is attempting to help care for.


The end of 2016 was a successful one for Maggie Gill when she herself was named to the powerful list of “135 Nonprofit Hospital And Health System CEO’s To Know In 2016“. This list celebrates those CEO’s who have achieved much in their careers and continue to do so with through the use of new practices, such as her dedication to create a new form of Medicare Advantage Plan for patients in Georgia and South Carolina in association with partners at Eon Health.


The personal recognition may have given Maggie Gill a sense of personal pride, but the seven awards won by staff members for their own work and programs developed at the Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Healthcare Heroes Awards are sure to have given her even more professional pride. Maggie Gill saw two of her former physicians receive Lifetime Achievement Awards and five programs created through the Memorial Health System also honored for their innovation and success. Awards and personal recognition show the restructuring program undertaken by Maggie Gill when she took over the roles of CEO and President at the Memorial University Medical Center.


Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners raise over $22K for Uncommon Schools of New York

The Dynamic Search Partners Founder, V, has worked to hold a fundraising meeting at the Garden Beer Hotel based in New York to help aid with the assistance of the Uncommon Schools get better examination system. For Keith Mann, nothing gives him more honor than to have them assisted through their development process in the region. As a matter of fact, he is one of the biggest donors for the Brooklyn-based Uncommon Schools. For the fundraising, the worked to raise more than $22,000 to help the schools facilitate their examination programs administered for the students and assist them move to the next level of education.

According to Keith Mann, the raised funds will go a long way in assisting the students during their end year examination process. For this reason, they will work to open a new high school at the school charter. Keith Mann believes that the primary goal of their raised funds is to help the Uncommon Schools to close the gap between the low-income students and the rich kids. For this reason, he will work towards the development of a proper graduate system for those who clear from the uncommon schools.

The gap between the millions of poor students will be closed by this fundraising throughout the country. Keith Man has a strong conviction that people should be given the same access opportunity to access education in any system to have them procure the best services in the region. For this reason, this funds will also work to enable them to get this rarest opportunity to get the development criterion.

The Uncommon Schools has a regime plan to have the Brooklyn High School open by the end of this year. For this reason, the students are supposed to attend the examination to determine their credibility to join high school through the AP and PSAT tests. Before the fundraising, Keith Man and his Dynamics Search Partners Company had more than $10,000 dedicated to helping the students meet their basic needs in education. For this reason, they will also create a relationship between the company and the learning institution and improve success in college education.